How long is the mud run course and how many obstacles?

The mud run course is approximately 3 miles with 30 obstacles. 

Do I have to complete all of the obstacles?

If you are signed up for the competitive run, YES, you do. If you signed up for the non-competitive run, we encourage you to at least try.

How long is the kids run and how many obstacles?

This year, the kids run is a 1 mile portion of the actual mud run course with 15 obstacles.

Can I assist my child on the kids run?

Yes. We encourage parents to run with their kids on the kids course. There is no charge for parents to assist their kids.

Do the kids run participants receive a t-shirt?

Yes. This year, all kids will receive a t-shirt and our new Kids Run velcro patch.


The kids run doesn't start until 9:30am. What activities are there for my child to do until then?

Just as last year, we plan to have games and activities provided by our amazing sponsors for the kids to enjoy.

Can I drop my child off for the kids run and pick them up later?

NO. Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Where is parking, and how much is it?

As always, parking is on site and FREE.

Is there a bag check-in area?

Yes. We will once again have a bag check-in. However, this year, it will be FREE.

Are restrooms and changing areas provided?

Yes. We will have restrooms and changing areas available. 

Are refunds available?

Sorry, refunds will NOT be issued for this event.


What happens if it rains?

In the event of a thunderstorm where thunder and lightning are detected, the event may be delayed, or cancelled all together. Otherwise we run. If the event is cancelled, you will still receive your t-shirt, and we thank you for your donation.

What are the age requirements and limits?

Kids run participants must be 7-12yo. Mud run participants MUST be 13yo or older.

How can my company become a sponsor?

Glad you asked. Please use the form on the contact page and enter "SPONSORSHIP" in the subject.

I can't participate. How can I support the event?

You can also support our event by being a race day volunteer. (Contact us for more information). Another way to support our event without being there is our new virtual runner option. Go to the sign up page, register as a "Virtual Runner", and you never have to leave the couch. It's only $30, and you still get a t-shirt.

Will there be an after party?

Yes. After you cross the finish line, bring it back to the sponsorship area and enjoy food and beverages, music, door prizes and the awards presentation.