Our first year

We created this event in 2015 in order to assist our department in sending our S.W.A.T. Officers to specialized training schools to renew specialized certifications, and to purchase training equipment that our department isn't required to provide for us. With a turnout of 229 participants, we realized this was something we had to continue.

The course

Our course is designed, built, and maintained by the members of the Mobile Police Department S.W.A.T. Team. We put in countless extra hours of hard work to ensure that everyone who participates in our event has a great time. 

Just 4 The Mud Of It

Each year, our event has increased in attendance. In 2018, we held our 4th annual event.  With the addition of our first kids run, our attendance grew to over 750 participants. 

The Start


Most events are started with a  horn or whistle.


Just For The Mud Of It is started with a bang,  literally. 


And just to make things even cooler, we pop smoke. 

The Finish



No medals and ribbons for us. Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive engraved (inert)  .338 Lapua, .50 Cal, and 20mm  Vulcan cannon rounds. 

NEW FOR 2019


All mud run participants that complete the full 3 mile 30 obstacle course will receive this exclusive velcro "Finisher" patch

NEW FOR 2019


All kids run participants will receive this velcro kids run patch and a t-shirt.